TEDxLoughborough: An independently organized TED event

Events & Tickets

  • TEDxLoughborough 2014 "Caring for Tomorrow Today"

    Date : Saturday 22 February 2014 @ 10am-5pm

    Venue : Room One, Union Building, Ashby Road, Loughborough, LE11 3TT

  • Some tickets are still available to you!

  • Please note: All attendees are required to bring some form of ID to the event.

    Any external individuals (non-students or university staff) wishing to purchase the tickets are required to do the following:

    1. Please go to: lsu.co.uk/society/tedx

    2. Register as a "guest" (click on "register" top right corner)

    3. After having confirmed your email address, please re-open lsu.co.uk/society/tedx and log in to purchase your tickets.

    4. We look forward to seeing you at the event!